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The Pocket Market Toolkit - your guide to establishing Pocket Markets

Small farmers markets, known as “Pocket Markets”, are bringing fresh fruits and vegetables as well as a wide array of other processed food products to neighborhoods, communities, and events throughout Greater Victoria.

Currently FoodRoots Distributors Coop is working with local farmers and community groups to set up a network of Pocket Markets. FoodRoots buys as much product as possible from local farmers and food producers to distribute through Pocket Markets across Victoria.

In August 2005 the first Pocket Market was started in Vic West; now two years later there are 12 Pocket Markets around Victoria, with more on the way. There has been great interest shown in starting Pocket Markets. These requests come from a variety of settings. Some are from neighborhood groups who want to set up a market in their community center, park, or a side street, others come from government office workers who want a market in their building that they can access at lunch, or before they head home for the day.

Pocket Markets are designed to develop links between local producers and community members. They improve local food systems through the development of infrastructure that supports the growth and distribution of locally grown and produced foods. They also provide a vehicle to raise awareness about creating a more sustainable local food and agriculture system.

The information contained in this guide is meant to provide a background on Pocket Markets, as well as be a web based “tool kit” to assist in establishing more Pocket Markets.

This web based toolkit is a source of information that assists you to set up Pocket Markets in a variety of settings and venues. It provides information on working with FoodRoots to set up a Pocket Market and also for setting one up on your own. There is also a section for farmers and processors who would like to sell at a local Pocket Market or to FoodRoots directly. The last section provides some links to resources we have found useful.

For more information contact: Lee Fuge leefuge@pacificcoast.net,
Phone 250 385-7974 or Lee at LifeCycles 250 383-5800

This online toolkit was made possible by funding and support from:

Lifecycles Project Society




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