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FoodRoots is no longer distributing organic produce.

We are working on education in co-operation with Open Cinema.

We are also working on the Victoria Downtown Public Market!

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Welcome to FoodRoots

Vision Statement

What We Do

Sustainable food is grown naturally in our local region. Why is it hard to find? One of the reasons is that there is no one working solely on distribution. Meeting farmers at markets and knowing who is growing your food is the best.

However, farmers cannot be at markets in every community, every day of the week. At FoodRoots Distributors Co-op, we’re recreating the middle ground in our local food distribution system.

Working with farmers, processors and retail members, FoodRoots will undertake crop planning with farmers, provide delivery and storage facilities and work to maximize our local food production by distributing local foods to communities through our Buying Group, working towards a Year Round Market in Victoria and providing produce for small scale food processors.


“We are very proud of the produce we've grown this year for FoodRoots Pocket Markets. I look forward to sitting down with you this fall/winter to plan and talk about the future. The relationship with FoodRoots has given me a much needed shot of optimism about the future of my farm operations.”
—Graham Myer, Maple Groove Farm, North Cowichan

FoodRoots connects city folk to sustainability issues through Educational Events.  For the first two years 2008 to 2010 Sustainable Fests were held the first Saturday of each month. 

In FALL 2010 we offered canning workshops and farmer to farmer conferences. We worked on establishing the first Winter Markets in Victoria 2010/2011with the Victoria Downtown Public Market Society.

FoodRoots will gather produce and products from our local farmers and processors and make them available to the community through:

FoodRoot Buying Group (2009 to present)

Bulk and case lot order for pickup every two weeks and more often in the summer season. Local farm offerings, larger amounts for preserving. Dry goods sourced as close to home as possible!


FoodRoot Buying Group (2009 to present)

Bulk and caselot order for pickup every two weeks and more often is the summer season.  Local farm offerings, larger amounts for preserving.  Dry goods sourced as close to home as possible!

Supply local produce and processed goods to:

Seeding Markets

Our Pocket Markets were the anchor produce stands that helped established the Colwood Market and rejuvenate the James Bay Market. Want to start a market? We can put you in touch with our local farmers so you can invite them to your event OR we can help you buy local produce to have your own Pocket Market. Seed your own Market!

Pocket Markets (2008 -10)


Pocket Markets (2008 -10)

One or two tent markets with produce from many farms and processors in the Region. Offer a regular venue for community gardeners and urban farmers to sell their goods in the community.  Developed the Pocket Market Tool Kit which has helped establish Pocket Markets in other parts of British Columbia and beyond!


In the future we'd like to supply local produce and processed goods to:

  • Schools
  • Preschools
  • Hospitals and Care Homes
  • Community Events



We will be providing regular opportunities for the community to gather together to learn more about our region’s food growers and processors and to discuss all issues related to food. We’ll do this with workshops, films, and farmer to farmer conferences!


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